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school portraits

Welcome to the school, nursery and pre-school portrait page.



From their first ever cheeky little nursery or pre-school photo to their very first neat and tidy primary school uniform photo, right up to their very last mature secondary school photo. We understand the importance of capturing your child throughout their entire school year!


Not only capturing their beautiful smiles and personality but capturing facial changes and watching them grow from tiny toddlers into their teens.

We are so passionate about delivering an amazing service with a friendly face and quality prints to showcase. As a parent myself of two children in Primary and Pre-school, these precious portraits hang proudly on the wall.

Whether you are looking to book because you were not happy with the photograph your child received from their school, or maybe your child would prefer a more relaxed homely settling with a photographer who has experience working with children with additional needs, or simply because they were poorly or away on the day of their school photo.


We welcome you to book your child in for a mini school session with us, we are open all year round for school portraits but they are best taken in the Summer holidays when the uniform is new, fresh and clean!

When booking direct with us, your session will work in the same way that our other studio sessions work and your experience will be just as good. All sessions will take place inside our home studio with a choice of traditional grey backdrop or you may wish to opt for whites or more colourful bright backdrops.



From individual portraits, small class groups to year groups, we can cater to your schools needs. 

We take a very relaxed approach, unlike other larger companies who squeeze the entire school into one day making the whole experience feel chaotic and rushed, we much prefer to offer schools the option to spread our time over a few days.

This allows your school to plan around daily activities and lessons, meaning you can choose to split 2 or 3 different year groups over 3 consecutive days to ensure that each and every child's learning is not disrupted in any way.

Children and staff can also benefit from smaller class groups so that the children do not need to wait and queue for their turn, this is extremely ideal for children with additional needs.


Photographs can also be taken in any spare class room or office space instead of using the main hall which saves disturbing any classes and/or lunch time meals and is perfect for those children that maybe a little shy and would prefer it if the whole class was not watching.

The whole school will benefit from being well organised, with a clear understanding of how your school photo day will unfold.

Each pupil will get the opportunity to pose several times, some formal, others more relaxed and full of smiles. Each pupil will receive an order form with two proof photos attached and a unique reference number shortly after, which parents/carers can use to choose and purchase prints and/or digital files. 


Parents and carers will be able to pay via bank transfer and by cash. Order forms will be returned directly to the school and collected regularly or on a specific date. 


Print orders will be processed and sent directly to our chosen professional printing lab ready for printing. We use a trusted professional printing laboratory to produce our prints and products so that you can be sure that every photo will be printed and presented perfectly.


Digital orders will be processed in house, on a black USB stick and sent back to the school as soon as possible. For any parent or career who is unable to access a USB port can request their images to be sent via email directly to the school and then forwarded to the parent or career.

Our promise to you is that we will take our time to ensure that each child's portrait is a timeless photo that every parent and career can be proud of.


Most importantly, we will ensure that each child is comfortable and relaxed during their school photo day, allowing their personalities to shine through with each click and express themselves in a creative way, it is all about them after all!

We offer a range of print sizes from 7x5” up to 13x10”. 


We also offer our most popular print and digital packages with a range of affordable prices.


The school is more than welcome to use our pricing in their school newsletters to inform parents. 


make a payment

Please use one of the methods below to make payment for print packages and/or digital images on USB.



Payment method 1

Pay by cash - please insert the order amount into the plastic wallet with your order forms and return to your child's school/nursery order form to the school's/nursery's main office, where by staff will keep this safe for you until our collection day.

Payment method 2

Pay by BACs - please send payment via bank transfer using the following bank details below.

Miss Deana Hall

Sort Code: 11-04-38

Account Number: 00650528

Reference: Your unique order form reference number

Please select Personal Bank account 

Please follow the instructions on your order form and once complete and paid, return your order to the School or Nursery main office. We must receive all original order forms back, both digital and prints in order to process your photographs. Please do not try to order via email, social media, phone or payment reference. 

If you have any concerns with regards to payment please feel free to contact us using email:


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