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newborn and child safety

Safe guarding and Modesty


We hold an enhanced criminal record certificate. 

We take safe guarding seriously and should we ever witness or have any reason to believe that a child is being or has been psychically abused, it will be reported.

Each parent also has the right to privacy in order to safe guard their baby and/or child. Our session agreements state where images might be used, Facebook, advertising and displayed in studio for example. Please ensure each relevant box is ticked so that we are aware that your baby's and/or child's images are not to be published in any form. 

To ensure your baby's and/or child's modesty is maintained at all times, we will delete all immodest and revealing images straight off our cameras SD card during your sessions so no one else views those images. Should a parent need the toilet during a newborn session, we will pause the session, cover your baby in a blanket and stop photographing while you are out of the room.


Textures and Fibres

During your baby's newborn session, you may wish to use some of our lovely blankets and mats etc for your photographs. After each use, we will always ask you to check baby's fingers, toes, mouth eyes and ears over for any blanket or fabric fibres that may get caught to prevent any wrapping around which may lead to their blood circulation being cut off. This is extremely important!


Circulation and Breathing

We will constantly monitor your babies circulation and breathing to ensure your baby is comfortable during each pose. We will never have your baby in a pose for a prolonged period, once we have captured some beautiful images, we will move on to a different pose or pause the session to have a break.

We may ask you to be our 'spotter' whilst photographing your baby. ​A spotter remains close to baby at all times, sometimes even placing a hand on baby to ensure they are safe on and in our props. We may also ask you to place your finger or fingers on your baby's head for stability.

We have the right to refuse any pose that we are asked to do if we are not comfortable with doing it or require more training to do so.


Room Temperature

During your newborns session, our studio will be heated at 28c and a heater may also be placed in the area of any naked baby for added warmth (mums tummy 37c) The rooms temperature is monitored with a gro-egg thermometer. We advise all parents to keep an eye on their baby and to inform us immediately should you feel that your baby is too warm or too cold.



All newborn equipment is checked over once a week to ensure zips are closed, nothings come loose or broken off and that they are safe to use.

A camera strap will be fitted to the camera at all times when photographing over the top of babies and children. We have a no jewellery policy to prevent accidental scratching and all staff must have short nails, must not wear nail varnish and must not be wearing any clothing that has buttons or zips.



All studio equipment is cleaned after every session and before every session if the item has been in storage. We wipe down all items with standard cleaning products.


All of our newborn blankets, wraps and outfits are washed with Fairy Non-bio washing powder after every use. It is extremely important that you inform us as soon as possible if your baby has a skin allergy to this brand. All studio items go into a separate wash and once cleaned are then dried on a rack in our studio to maintain the highest level of cleanliness possible. 

Our studio doors are closed and locked after use to ensure household pets do not get inside. Please let us know immediately if you or any member of your family have an allergy to cats.

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