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Welcome to the school, nursery and pre-school portrait page.


For individual portraits and sibling photos, we can cater to each parents needs privately in our home studio.

FROM 9m - 16 yrs


From their first ever cheeky little nursery or pre-school photo to their very first neat and tidy primary school uniform photo, right up to their very last mature secondary school photo. We understand the importance of capturing your child throughout their entire school year!


Not only capturing their beautiful smiles and personality but capturing facial changes and watching them grow from tiny toddlers into their teens.

We are so passionate about delivering an amazing service with a friendly face and quality prints to showcase. As a parent myself of two children in Primary and Pre-school, these precious portraits hang proudly on the wall.

Whether you are looking to book because you were not happy with the photograph your child received from their school, or maybe your child would prefer a more relaxed homely setting with a photographer who has experience working with children with additional needs, or simply because they were absent on the day of their school photo.



We welcome you to book your child in for a mini school session with us, we are open all year round for school portraits but they are best taken in the Summer holidays when the uniform is new, fresh and clean!

When booking direct with us, your session will work in the same way that our other studio sessions work and your experience will be just as good. All sessions will take place inside our home studio with a choice of traditional grey backdrop or you may wish to opt for whites or more colourful bright backdrops.

Your final images will be supplied via a password protected online gallery where you can choose to select the digital images included in your package choice or additionally you can choose to purchase professional prints from the price list provided below under the Schools section. 


From individual portraits, siblings, small class groups to year groups, we can cater to your schools needs.



We take a very relaxed approach, unlike other larger companies who squeeze the entire school into one day making the whole experience feel chaotic and rushed, we much prefer to offer schools the option to spread our time over a few days.

This allows your school to plan around daily activities and lessons, meaning you can choose to split 2 or 3 different year groups over 3 consecutive days to ensure that each and every child's learning is not disrupted in any way.

Children and staff can also benefit from smaller class groups so that the children do not need to wait and queue for their turn, this is extremely ideal for children with additional needs.


Photographs can also be taken in any spare class room or office space instead of using the main hall which saves disturbing any classes and/or lunch time meals and is perfect for those children that maybe a little shy and would prefer it if the whole class was not watching.

The whole school will benefit from being well organised, with a clear understanding of how your school photo day will unfold.

We will visit at the convenience of your school any time during the academic year, with September through to November being the most popular time of year, we are more than happy to capture your school towards the end of the school year also! 



Each pupil will get the opportunity to pose several times, some formal, others more relaxed and full of smiles. Absent pupils will also have the opportunity to have their photo taken on another day during our visit to ensure we capture everyone.


Each pupil will receive an order form with two proof photos attached and a unique reference number shortly after, which parents/carers can use to choose and purchase prints and/or digital files for delivery directly to their school. 


Parents and carers will be able to pay via bank transfer and by cash. Order forms will be returned directly to the school and collected regularly or on a specific date, which will also allow us to keep in touch with the school on a regular basis to answer any questions parents and carers may have.



Our print and digital packages are very competitive and affordable, with a range of products to choose from.

Print orders will be processed and sent directly to our chosen professional printing lab ready for printing. We use a trusted professional printing laboratory to produce our prints and products so that you can be sure that every photo will be printed and presented perfectly.


Digital orders will be processed in house, on a black USB stick and sent back to the school as soon as possible. For any parent or career who is unable to access a USB port can request their images to be sent via email directly to the school and then forwarded to the parent or career.



Whilst photography is what we do, a vital part of our business is Equipment safety, Safeguarding and GDPR.

Of course, before we even arrive at your school, we will be more than willing to produce our previous DBS certificate and are happy for your school to carry out an updated DBS check beforehand. 

All of the equipment we bring into your school is PAT Tested each year to ensure that is it safe to use and unlikely to pose a fire risk. We place specially designed floor mats over all of our cables to ensure they are tucked away and help to prevent any accidents. 


Heavy duty spring clamps are used to hold our backdrops in place on our portable backdrop stand. Yellow hazard tape is used for securing our backdrop rolls to the floor at the front, left and right hand side. The feet of all our tripod stands have also been covered in yellow hazard tape to make them more visible. Each of our tripods, when in use are weighted down using a professional 5 kilogram metal weight bag, each bag is clipped around the base, securing the bag to help improve stability and prevent them from falling over easily. The chairs we use for students are adjustable in height so they are suitable for all ages.

We do not collect personal data of any kind on pupils. Due to the structure of our photographing, we may only be aware of what year group any pupil is in and whether or not they have a sibling at the school as year groups and siblings will be photographed together. The smallest of information such as this for example, is completely private and confidential. This information will never be shared with anyone, nor will it be stored on file.


Safety is taken seriously, even after the school photo day has taken place, our order forms do not collect any personal information of any kind on the pupil or the parent/carer as everything is dealt with via the school, this includes but is not limited to; names of parents/carers and pupils, addresses, emails, date of birth, year groups etc.

When making a payment via bank transfer, any information given in order to process the transfer such as the name on the account, will remain safety stored and protected with our bank provider.



We will take our time to ensure that each child's portrait is a timeless photo that every parent and career can be proud of.

Our commitment and love for the work we do will give you the reassurance you need to know that we will never fail to disappoint and will continue to cover your school photo day for years to come.

Most importantly, we will ensure that each child is comfortable and relaxed during their school photo day, allowing their personalities to shine through with each click and express themselves in a creative way, it is all about them after all!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you and your school!



We offer a range of print sizes from 7"x5” up to 13"x10”.

We also offer our most popular print and digital packages with a range of affordable prices.

  • Pack A = 13 x 10, 10 x 7, 7 x 5 (x2), 5 x 3.5 (x4) + one digital image on USB.

  • Pack B = 10 x 7, 7 x 5 (x2), 5 x 3.5 (x4)

  • Pack C = 7 x 5 (x3) + 3.5 x 2.5 (x4)

  • Pack D = 7 x 5 + 5 x 3.5 (x2)

  • Pack E = 7 x 5 + 3.5 x 2.5 (x4)

  • Pack F = 10 x 8

  • Pack G = 8 x 6

  • Pack H = Fridge magnets (x4)

  • Pack I = Keyrings (x4)

  • Pack J = 7 x 5

​All packs include black strut mounts.

We are super flexible with our products and will source any prints or products that may not already be advertised on our order forms. We welcome parents and carers to email us for a bespoke quote on larger sizes and products such as mugs etc.

Additional products available are listed below.

  • Framed prints

  • Mousemat

  • Canvas Wrap in 14×10, 16×12 & 20×16

  • Key Rings Pack of 2

  • Christmas Baubles

  • 7x 5 Acrylic Block

  • Glass mounts, available in 7×5, 8×6, 10×8

  • Custom Notebooks

  • 8×6 Wood blocks

  • Fridge Magnets Pack of 2

  • Desk Frames, available in 7×5, 8×6, 10×8 

  • Snow Globes

Example photo


Example photo


Your school is more than welcome to use our pricing below in the school newsletters to inform parents and carers of their child's upcoming photo day so that they know exactly what they can expect and allow them to plan their order and/or budget for the cost in advance.



Parents and Carers, please see below for detailed instructions on how to complete your school order form.



1. First, start by choosing your most preferred print package and/or digital package. 


2. Please then choose which image or images you would like to order from the right hand side of your order form. 

3. When ordering prints, each image is numbered with boxes from A-J underneath. In the chosen letter box of the print package that you have decided upon, please indicate the required pack quantities that you would like. 


For example, I would like to order Image 124 and I would like three quantities of pack J (Three 7"x5" prints) - You would write the number 3 into box J under image 124 as shown on the example.

option 1_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
option 2_edited.png
option 3_edited_edited.png

4. When ordering multiple print packs, please indicate the required pack quantity of each individual package option. 


For example, I would like to order Image 124 and I would like one of pack C, one of pack H and one of pack J - You would write the number 1 into box C, H and J as shown on the example.

5. When ordering both of your child's images, please indicate the required pack quantities that you would like in the appropriate letter boxes under each image of your choice.


For example, I would like to order Image 124 and Image 123 and I would like one of pack A for image 124 and one of pack E for image 123 - You would write the number one into box A that is under image 124 and would write the number one into box E that is under image 123 as shown on the example.

option 6_edited.jpg

 6. When wanting to order both print and digital packages, please first indicate the required pack quantity that you would like in the appropriate letter box(es) under the image or images that you have chosen. Then please write the image number in your chosen digital package box.


For example, I would like to order Image 124 and I would like two quantities of pack G and I would also like Image 123 as a digital - You would write the number 2 into box G that is under image 124 and then you would write the image number (123) into Package one for one digital image. 

option 7_edited.jpg

7. When ordering digital images only, please complete the digital package section below the print packages. Please write your chosen image

number(s) along the dotted lines within the package box you would like to order.


For example, I would like to order Image 124 and Image 123 as a digital only - You would write the number 124 on the first line and then write the number 123 on the second line within the digital package two box.

option 8_edited.jpg

8. When wanting to order multiple children from different year groups and also sibling photos, please write the chosen image number(s) of each individual child into one of the digital image packages. Please complete the digital package section on one sibling order form only and then return all forms back together in one plastic wallet.


For example, I would like to order Image 124 of Ethan (Year 4) and Image   165 of Leah (Reception) and also Image 233 of Siblings - You would write the number 124 not he first line and the write the number 165 on the second line and then write the number 233 on the third line within the digital package three box. 

9. Once you have made your selections and have completed either the print and/or digital package sections, please add up each print price and each digital price. Please add these figures together if ordering both and write the order total on the line at the bottom under the PAYMENT heading. 


10. Please tick either the Bank transfer or Cash option box to the right of the order total. 


11. When choosing to pay via a bank transfer, please follow the instructions below. Please make any bank transfer payments before returning your order back to the school. Your order will not be processed without payment and without an order form.


12. When choosing to pay via cash, please place the correct total order amount into the plastic wallet provided with your order form(s) before returning your order back to the school. Your order will not be processed without payment and without an order form.


13. Wait for your order form to be safely collected from the schools main office and processed by us.


14. Once your order has been processed, please wait for your print orders to be completed by our chosen professional printing lab and sent back to us. Once we receive your prints, they will then be quality checked by us and any additional prints will be cut to size and places inside the mounts for you.


15. All digital orders will be completed in house and returned to the school within 2 working days. All print orders will require a minimum of 7 working days in order to be processed, printed and delivered directly to us, a further 3 working days will be required to finalise your order, ready for you to collect from the school office. 



Making a payment couldn't be easier, simply choose between a cash payment or a bank transfer. 

Please use one of the methods below to make payment for print packages and/or digital images on USB.





To make a cash payment, please insert the total order amount into the plastic wallet provided with your order form(s) and return your order form directly to your child's school and/or nursery main office, where by staff will keep this safe for you until our next collection day.




To make a BACs payment, please set up an online bank transfer using your provider and enter the total order amount when processing your transfer. Please use the following bank details below to make your payment directly to Deana Hall. Please use your unique order form number at the top left of your child's order form as the reference. Please ensure that you select Personal Bank account, not business account in order to find us correctly.


Miss Deana Hall


Sort Code: 11-04-38

Account Number: 00650528

Reference: Your unique order form reference number



Please follow the instructions on your order form and once complete and paid, return your order form to your child's School, Preschool or Nursery main office. We must receive all original order forms back, both digital and prints in order to process your photographs. Please do not try to order via email, social media, phone or payment reference. 



If you have any concerns with regards to payment please feel free to contact us using email:

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